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"I always wanted to learn some ballroom dances and my boyfriend saw your studio and surprised me with lessons. We knew it'd be a fun couples activity and a way to grow closer" - Chris & Chantalle

"Tara is very pleasant and fun! Location is nice & there is plenty of parking" - Sarah

"Tara is great to work with. She is patient and was careful to plan a dance that matches our skill level so we feel comfortable performing at our wedding" - Tim & Amy

"Our favorite part about taking dance lessons for the first time was finding out how much fun it was! We were both so nervous at first, but quickly found out there was no need to be" - Bob & Mallory

"Tara is interested and dedicated to her students & wanted to make sure we enjoyed our experience" - Devon & Sheila

"Communication is key to success in dance. We learned how to communicate with each other on the dance floor. We see dance as a way to enhance our evenings whether out dancing at social events or at home" - Tanya & Pete