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Is there any special clothing required?

We ask that you dress in business casual attire and suggest that you wear layers for temperature comfort.

Are there any special shoes required?

While ballroom shoes are ideal on the dance floor we only require that you bring dry shoes to change into. Shoes with no rubber soles are requested and easier to dance with.

Will my dance lesson(s) interfere with my busy schedule?

With our hours being in the late afternoon into the evening and by appointment on Saturday we will work diligently with you to come up with a convenient time for your lesson.

Do I need a partner for my lesson?

If you do not have a partner then your instructor will dance with you during your lesson and there will be plenty of dance partners available for group classes and parties.

Why should I learn how to dance?

There are a numerous amout of benefits one can achieve while learning how to dance. For a complete list click here. And besides that, it's just plain FUN!

Where will I use my dancing skills?

In addition to competitions and showcases (if desired) there will be monthly parties at the studio to practice and show off what you've learned. There are also a few local hotspots to show off your new dance moves such as Vapor Night Club in Saratoga, or DanceLand in Latham. Other great opportunities include weddings, reunions, and cruises.